Our 2004-2008 Study Days

January 2004

Study Day at Trebah Gardens
Firing the Imagination: 19th and 20th Century Ceramics
Louise Irvine

March 2006

Study Day
A La Recherche Du Soleil: French Painting after Impressionism
Juliet Heslewood

April 2004

Study Day
Music - A mirror of the arts
Digby Hague-Holmes

November 2006

Study Afternoon
The Age of Oak
Janusz Karczewski–Slowokowski

November 2004

Study Day
The Golden Age of Dutch Painting 1600 - 1800
Clare Ford–Wille

March 2007

Study Day
The History of Jewellery from Elizabeth I to Elizabeth Taylor
John Benjamin

February 2005

Study Afternoon
Andalucia – Romans, Moors and Christians
Tom Duncan

November 2007

Study Day
The Gilded Stage: A Social and Cultural History of Opera
Daniel Snowman

November 2005

Study Afternoon
The World of Carpets
Roderick Taylor

March 2008

Study Afternoon
Georgian Domestic Silver (18th Century)
Ian Pickford