Our 2007-2008 Lecture Programme

September 2007

The Medieval Household
Patricia Wright

February 2008

The Three Romantics - Chopin, George Sand and Delacroix
Elizabeth Rumbelow

October 2007

Wine Related Antiques, Including Corkscrews
John Ericson

March 2008

Georgian Domestic Silver (18th Century)
Ian Pickford

November 2007

Picture Hanging and Interior Design from 1600 to Today
Stephen Taylor

April 2008

In pursuit of Lustreware, from Middle East to William de Morgan
Sarah Searight

December 2007

The Victorian Christmas
Andrew Davies

May 2008

The History of the Mermaid
Terry Pearson

January 2008

Sculpture in the Landscape
Laura de Beden

June 2008

The Tradescants: Plants, Art Collectors and Gardeners of the 17th Century
Joanne Kidd