Our 2004-2005 Lecture Programme

September 2004

The Magnificent Medici
Charles Avery

February 2005

Andalucia’s Golden Age
Tom Duncan

October 2004

The Art of the Russian Lacquer Miniature
Cherry Gilchrist

March 2005

The Humourists – Caricature and Hilarity
David Cross

November 2004

Sex and Power in Hapsburg and Bourbon Spain
Gail Turner

April 2005

The Mughals of India
Ann Peerless

December 2004

The Stained Glass of English Cathedrals and Parish Churches
Peter Gibson

May 2005

The American Country House
Roger Mitchell

January 2005

The Romanisation of Britain
Neil Faulkner

June 2005

The Hitler Emigrés – Their Impact on British Artistic and Cultural Life
Daniel Snowman