Our 2003-2004 Lecture Programme

September 2003

Musical Instruments in Medieval Art
Mary Remnant

February 2004

The World of Carl Fabergé
Peter Darty

October 2003

Life and Art in Ancient Egypt
Nicole Douek

March 2004

Windsor Castle

Conservation, Repair, Restoration and the Downesian Gothic of the New Works

Ian Constantinides

November 2003

Linley, a Continuing Tradition
Nicholas Merchant

April 2004

The Arts of Bloomsbury and Omega
Eveline Eaton

December 2003

For All the Saints – Portraits, Symbols and Legends
Shirley Turner

May 2004

The History of The Long Case Clock
Colin Lattimore

January 2004

How is it made? A closer look at silver
Helen Clifford

June 2004

Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes: A synthesis of excellence

A study of the choreography, costume, set design and music in Petrushka and L’apres–midi d’un Faune)

Elisabeth Rumbelow